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How 'people food' becomes everyone’s favorite pet treats.

They play with us. Listen to us. Sleep with us. Tease us. Travel with us. And just about anything they can to please us. So, shouldn’t we do all we can to show how much a part of our lives they are? That’s the thinking behind Pro Bakery Bites® from Ag-Alchemy. 

Just like the name says, our Pro Bakery Bites upcycled dog treats begin with not-quite-perfect bakery items, baked in the USA in a 100-year-old, family owned specialty bakery. From there, we’ve worked with nutritionists, researchers and some furry focus group participants to develop some amazingly good dog treats. So you can choose Pro Bakery Bites Crunchy or Pro Bakery Bites Soft & Chewy in amazing flavors dogs love.

It’s people food for pets.

Sometimes a treat isn’t just a treat. With Pro Bakery Bites from Ag-Alchemy, it’s our way of showing how committed we are to sustainability. Our upcycled specialty dog treats are formulated from people food and made with probiotics for gut health – so they support a nutritious diet for our pets, while eliminating waste in our community landfills.

What makes them taste so good?

When it comes to dog treats, we know you want what’s best for your pet. So we source our ingredients carefully in the USA to ensure they meet out exact specifications. We also invest in research and development to introduce probiotics and other ingredients that offer health benefits to our pets – fruits, vegetables, grasses, and certain proteins that supply a well-balanced approach to animal nutrition.

Made in the U.S.A.

We make our pet treats in the Midwest, using ingredients sourced here in the USA Even our probiotics come from innovative animal nutrition companies across the country.

How do we ensure quality and safety?

It’s not enough to love pets. Ag-Alchemy also does all it can to ensure the quality and safety of the treats you give your dog. Our mixing, baking and packaging facility is BRC certified, which means we adhere to quality and production procedures that ensure the quality, safety and consistency of our products and processes. Internal audits bring a chance to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Treats you can trust.

What it all boils down to is this: our Pro Bakery Bites upcycled dog treats not only taste good, they are good.  And that’s something we can all feel good about.

We believe in helping our community.

From local pet rescues to fundraising for animal-related causes, Ag-Alchemy employees are front and center for fun runs and community events. We’re also known to partner with other companies who share our commitment. Contact us if you think we might be a good fit for you.

Our Leadership

John Rotella

President and CEO

The catalyst for innovation, upcycling and food safety, John Rotella oversees operations and new business development at Ag-Alchemy.

John’s experience as a fourth-generation baker brings expertise in process management, engineering and food safety – along with a commitment to quality that has enabled us to develop an exceptional production facility.

A lifelong animal lover, John and his wife, Sarah, have two children, Parker and Layla, who love their two pugs named Ella and Stella.

Heidi Gillman

Director of Business Development

Heidi has an extensive background in business development and a true passion for relationship based sales. Her professional experience positions her perfectly to be instrumental in growing this exciting, innovative and sustainable brand. Her love for animals marries with her drive to educate others of 'the story of Ag-Alchemy' and how we have such a positive impact on the lives of the animals we love and the planet we live.

Heidi and her husband share their home with their 6 teenagers and dogs, CoCo & Louis.

For all business development, sales or wholesale inquiries, please email Heidi at: or

Paul Martinez

Plant Manager 

Cindy Martinez

Office Manager 

Cindy worked with the US Postal Service for 28 years, starting as a carrier and working up to her role as post master. She manages the books, payroll, order fulfillment, and makes sure everyone has what they need to succeed in their roles at Ag-Alchemy. If you give us a call, it's likely her lovely voice you'll hear!

Cindy and her husband have a full house between their children, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks.

For questions regarding online orders or general customer service, please email Cindy at: or

Kayla Choyeske

Internal / Supply Support

Kayla’s love for animals started at a very young age and her interest to learn about them only continues to grow! As a former 4th grade teacher, Kayla's love for pets and passion to educate pet parents about better food and treat options pair perfect for her role at Ag-Alchemy as Internal/Supply Support. Her main roles include managing inventory, procurement, order fulfilment and supporting key positions throughout as our company grows. 

Kayla and her husband, Marty, share their home with two very sweet and very active Australian Kelpie/Broder Collie mixes, Brody and Kipper.

Alexa Martinez

Sales / Production Support

Alexa started in 2019 on the manufacturing side and made her way to distribution. From there, she supported R&D and Sales & Marketing. Her diverse ‘hands on’ experience within the company has proven invaluable. She is excited to see Ag-Alchemy flourishing into a well-known name in the pet food industry.

Alexa lives with our #1 taste tester, Dougie Fresh a well fed Goldendoodle.

Jonathan Horvatich

Food Safety & Quality Lead

Mark Chickinelli

Creative Director

Since 1982, Mark’s role as Creative Director for Rotella’s Italian Bakery has made him the perfect fit for Ag-Alchemy Animal Nutrition.  His expertise in graphics, design and art partnered with his loyal connections to our beginnings have made him a valued member of the team.  Mark is also a skilled illustrator.  Over the last 45 years, his portfolio includes customers such as RCA, NFL, MLB, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, John Deere, Nike, Union Pacific Railroad, to name a few. He’s earned many honors and awards in the country's most prestigious art annuals.