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A better breed of fundraising

Featuring Pro Bakery Bites

The best fundraising happens when you surprise and delight potential donors with Pro Bakery Bites from Ag-Alchemy. Our upcycled, premium pet treats are made from not-quite-perfect people food, and other all-natural ingredients, including probiotics for tummy health. So, these tasty treats not only give people a way to support you, they’re also something they can feel good about giving to their pets.

So, you not only raise money, you also help save the world with sustainable pet treats.

We make it easy.

When your fundraiser features Pro Bakery Bites, donors can choose between three textures – Soft & Chewy, Soft-Baked and Crunchy. Our treats also come in lots of flavors – from sweet desserts like Vanilla BDay Cake, to savory Bacon & Eggs and Superfoodie, to everyday favorites like PB&J, Pumpkin Cranberry, Apple Pie and more.

Ag-Alchemy provides order forms for your fundraisers and selling tips that make your fundraiser a success. So you’re ready to raise money the very first day.

You make money.

We haven’t forgotten the whole purpose behind a fundraiser – raising money. You earn $5.00 from every bag you sell. Think of how fast that adds up – getting you closer to your fundraising goal sooner.

Plus, there’s no need to freeze, refrigerate or wrap your Pro Bakery Bites. Supporters can select and pay for their Pro Bakery Bites premium pet treats in one transaction. Set up on a table, in a wagon moving through your neighborhood or at events. 

“This was the easiest fundraiser we’ve ever done! People love their dogs and were so excited to have something reasonably priced, that they will actually use. My daughter sold 148 bags just walking the neighborhood. She earned $740, which paid for her entire trip to Nationals for cheer! Thank you, Ag-Alchemy. We will do this again and again!"

- Kim, Elite Cheer parent

"The Pro Bakery Bites were so easy to sell! We ordered quite a few for our dog also, and she loves them. They smell so yummy, too. Her favorite are the Soft & Chewy Chicken and Waffles. They are the perfect size for a potty reward."

- Michaela, Elite Cheer parent

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