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Our team here at Ag-Alchemy knows how important it is to take responsibility for the impact we have on others and our planet. We are proud of our business practices, and think you will be too.


Did you know that even within a meticulous food facility, hundreds of tons of product each year might not meet specifications for sale? We think it's a shame to see a lopsided loaf of fresh bread head to the landfill. Or maybe the packaging got damaged, but the product is good. We work with local companies who also care about reducing unnecessary waste. Upcycling human products into the pet and livestock industry allows us to put perfectly good product to good use. 

The rest of the ingredients we use are sourced here in the USA - and often right here in Nebraska! We're proud to support other local businesses and our country as a whole. Our specialized ingredients, like our probiotics, come from innovative animal nutrition companies all over the US.

 Ag-Alchemy Sustainability Paws in Hand



Our facility is right here in Nebraska. Sourcing materials and producing our products in the Midwest reduces the transport needed to move materials around, which translates to less fossil fuel emissions.

Having our own production lines that are flexible to test and produce a variety of products allows us to accommodate new materials and creative product ideas. 


Ag-Alchemy BRCGS Certified Facility 

Community Involvement

We love our community. It's great to be able to help other companies find valuable applications for materials that would otherwise go to waste. It's even better to have the opportunity to support local nonprofits, especially pet rescues. Contact us if you think we might be a good partner for your organization!


Ag-Alchemy I Love My Dog Expo 2021