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Pro Bakery Bites® from Ag-Alchemy
are made for pets – and the retailors that cater to them. With Pro Bakery Bites, you have a great-looking product for your shelves that satisfies dogs’ craving for nutritious, great-tasting treats, and their owners who value the story behind our products, with:

• Upcycled from not-quite-perfect bakery items for sustainability 

• Added probiotics sourced in the USA to promote gut health

• Baked in the USA

• Pro Bakery Bites Crunchy or Pro Bakery Bites Soft & Chewy in sweet and savory flavors dogs love

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Try any or all of the items in our full line of upcycled treats, created just for dogs from people food. Available in our original crunchy or soft and chewy varieties – and a growing assortment of flavors, there’s always something new to love about Pro Bakery Bites.

Beyond Pro Bakery Bites.

Ag-Alchemy also offers other treats dogs and their people parents love. Check out our bones and chews. Plus, take advantage of bulk treats that allow you to put our popular pet treats in your own custom packaging.